Google Analytics (GA4) Setup

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Google Analytics (GA4) is the top tool for understanding your website traffic and marketing efforts. Our service sets up GA4, installs tracking, configures goals, and links to ad accounts.

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Google Analytics (GA4) is the top website analytics tool, providing insights into your website traffic and marketing efforts.

Without analytics, you’re flying blind. Understanding your website analytics helps you make smart decisions to attract more visitors and turn them into customers.

Our Google Analytics tracking helps you understand:

  • Traffic sources: Where visitors come from and which sources perform best.
  • Landing pages: Which pages attract and convert visitors.
  • Consumer behavior: What visitors do on your site and how they interact.
  • Conversions: Which pages drive actions like downloads and purchases.
  • Campaign performance: How different channels and campaigns convert.

Our service includes:

  • Complete Google Analytics account setup (GA4)
  • Installing tracking code on your website
  • Setting up goals, conversions, and custom metrics
  • Linking to other platforms like ad accounts
  • Optimizing tracking for accurate data collection
  • Testing to ensure proper setup
  • Reviewing basic report dashboards

Outcomes we deliver:

  • Identify your best traffic sources.
  • Determine which landing pages convert best.
  • Find website issues that drop conversions.
  • Measure marketing campaign performance.


We need a live website and backend access. A Google Account is also necessary for setting up Google Analytics. If you don’t have one, we can create it for you.