Case Study: Good Food Studio

Good Food Studio

Website Design, Content Strategy, CRM integration, UX design


Good Food Studio is a B2B food services company with a variety of offerings like cooking classes, food styling, and corporate catering. The goal was to build a strong online platform to grow the audience and make the content work better.


  1. No single online platform for engaging the audience
  2. Need for a system to manage different types of content
  3. Need for a customer relationship system to keep track of customer interactions
  4. No good tools for reporting and tracking


CMS design: Developed a user-friendly content management system that could handle different types of content, from blogs to service descriptions.

CRM implementation: Added a customer relationship management system to keep track of customer interactions and improve service.

Content migration: Moved all the old content, like blogs and service descriptions, into the new system.

Reporting tools: Set up tools to track how well the content was doing and how many people were buying services.


  1. Conversions: Managed to increase sales to $11k per month.
  2. Audience growth: More people started visiting the website and engaging with the content.
  3. Content performance: The blogs and other content started reaching more people.
  4. Customer management: The new customer system made it easier to manage customer interactions.


The work done for Good Food Studio was about more than just making a website. It was about creating a whole online system that could support the company’s many services and customer needs. The project was a big success, boosting sales and giving valuable insights into how well the content and customer interactions were doing.